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When conducting an audit work, auditors inevitably have access to the key executives, to all company operations and all corporate, administrative and financial documents, from the simplest to the most confidential.

Thus, the auditors have the possibility to acquire an overview of all the businesses of that company. So, we at Partnership Kreston believe that our customers are aiming for much more than just an opinion about the adequacy of their equity accounts.

Our Specialties

We offer our customers a constant partnership, starting with a review of the quality of its accounting and financial information, as well as recommendations that can result in cost saving, improvement in operational and financial performance, and therefore, improvement of the quality of their products/services and even customer care. As the main audit services, we have:

Audit of Financial Statements: examination of the financial statements with the issuance of the auditor’s report (opinion), prepared in accordance with accounting practices adopted in Brazil and with international financial reporting standards (IFRS), limited revisions and accounting due diligence.

Internal Audits: evaluation and analysis of the administrative, financial and accounting activities (processes), adequacy and compliance with procedures and operational standards and, quality of internal control systems.

Special audits: in the company’s management, in information systems, in specific areas of the company, acquisition review, in projects and contract execution, in alliances, in operational agreements, in accountability to supported cultural projects and condominium letters, in the process of determining transfer prices and in the participation in the fiscal council and audit committee of the companies.

Special Services: in the implementation or analysis of the cost system, in organizing and conducting physical inventories of stock and fixed assets, in the implementation of analytical controls of assets, in the preparation or evaluation of the database for financial projections and in the risk assessment.

Own Methodology

By realizing the real expectations of our clients regarding the audit services we offer, we are able to develop our own methodology which combined with our professional experience, offers support to business management.


For the audit services to be carried in order to optimize the operations of each company, before beginning the work there is an evaluation of the condition and of all the organization’s documents. In this way, it is feasible to plan and present the most appropriate strategies.


Together with our executives, we have a team trained and qualified to carry out any type of service requested.


Be sure that any information contained in the documents of each company is kept in absolute confidentiality.


With audit services, our focus is to optimize processes and reduce errors so our customers can continue to thrive safely.


Learn more about the benefits of hiring audit services from Partnership Kreston.

The need to hire an independent audit is born from the watchword of any business: trust. No investor or financial institution will apply money into a business that does not present reliable financial and accounting information. The independent audit serves to examine this information, as a way of ensuring efficiency in the application of resources. In addition, an audit firm can help the entrepreneur to understand what are the main risk factors of his business from the operational, accounting and financial point of view, as well as attesting the information so the organization can have safer subsidies for decision-making. Auditing is not an exclusivity to large companies. Although it is mandatory for large or public companies, small and medium entrepreneurs can also take advantage of the benefits it brings to the business. The lack of accounting and financial control is the main reason why companies close. Auditing helps the entrepreneur to overcome the obstacle of uncontrolled business, besides, gives more security the information that he provides to the Treasury, creating the basis for the company to survive in an increasingly competitive market. For the market and the community, an audited company shows its results with a high level of information and reliance, making clear its participation in the development of the country, becoming more highly regarded and with more credibility.

Partnership Kreston maintains a personalized service with a specific team for each type of service, so we can keep fees lower compared to large audit firms, called Big Four. We are an option of quality and lower cost; hence, we can reach a wider range of institutions and companies.

All the audit services we provide are tailored to each need of the company. It is possible to hire the services according to what is most convenient for the organization. That is, a unique and exclusive service package

Focus on the Customer

With Audit, Consulting or Outsourcing services, our focus is to optimize processes and reduce errors so our customers continue to thrive.

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Our focus is to optimize processes so that our customers can continue to thrive.