Due to the high competitiveness in the market, it is necessary to develop all the internal systems of a company so that the costs are reduced and the productivity optimized, this way, the growth can be greater. And this is only possible thanks to competent operational, financial and tax management within a company.
For the executives to overcome these challenges, the decision-making must happen more and more dynamically, with reliable information and risk becoming smaller and smaller.
And for this we support the management of your company with our financial consulting services, through the identification, development and implementation of solutions and tools that enhance business management, as well as the validation of financial information so that the management is improved.
With tax consultancy, we have the important mission of reviewing and administering corporate taxes and avoiding unnecessary expenses with the payment of taxes beyond what is due, and even a fine in the case of taxes paid incompletely or in arrears.

Our Specialties

Among the consulting services, we offer:

Business Recovery Management

Tax and Corporate consultancy

Cost Consulting

Transfer Pricing Consulting

Management Consulting

Corporate Relations

Own Methodology

We have professionals with vast experience and technical quality that are available to our clients and ensure the satisfactory results aimed at management consulting, both financial and tax.


In order for our services to be more and more improved, we seek to update and always develop working methodologies together with the use of technological tools to always offer the best.


Each document of the financial and tax areas is analyzed so that we can act according to the planning and our strategy. The main focus is to achieve the results according to the time and needs of each client.


Our professionals are able to provide advice in order to reduce tax expenses.


We always seek to improve our methods and means of service to ensure customer satisfaction.


Our goal is that through the contracted services, our partners can optimize the companies’ activities, reduce costs and increase profitability.


With consulting services, our focus is to optimize processes and reduce errors so our customers continue to thrive.


Learn more about the benefits of hiring audit services from Partnership Kreston.

Hiring consultancy is indicated because it assists in the growth and development of the company. To be ahead of the competition, it is necessary that all business decisions are made in the most accurate way possible. The expertise of Partnership Kreston professionals can help the company to achieve better results and increase the effectiveness of internal financial and management control.

They can be perceived in the short, medium and long term. The work developed by a consultancy aims to improve processes that optimize the company’s activities in several aspects, operational, financial and tax.

The consulting services bring solutions that help in the company’s management, as they organize all the tributary and financial issues of the institution. There is also the implementation of tools that optimize management activities.

Focus on the Customer

With Audit, Consulting or Outsourcing services, our focus is to optimize processes and reduce errors so our customers continue to thrive.

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Our focus is to optimize processes so that our customers can continue to thrive.