Focus only on your core business and leave your company’s administrative and financial activities with Partnership Kreston. We see each customer as a partner and we aim the growth of all of them. Therefore, our priority is the provision of services with the highest quality and agility possible.
We seek to provide effective and personalized service. For this, we count on a team of trained professionals that keeps up to date with full capacity to develop solutions and methods more and more effective every day and aiming to generate accurate and reliable information.

Our Specialties

Among outsourcing services, we offer:

  • General and managerial accounting (local and foreign currency, US GAAP, IAS and consolidation);Billing (issuance of tax documents and receipt control);

    Tax accounting (bookkeeping of fiscal books, calculation of taxes and contributions and preparation of the DIPJ – Legal entity’s income statement – and of statements required by the Federal Revenue, State and Municipalities);

    Control of assets (stock and fixed assets);

    Payroll (sheet processing, preparation of INSS – social security national institute – collection guidelines, FGTS – severance pay indemnity fund-, Trade Union Contributions and statements required by labor and social security legislation);

    Treasury (payments and control of bank balances, cash flow);

    Administrative and financial activities in general.

Own Methodology

We have professionals with vast experience and technical quality that are available to our customers ensuring the satisfactory results aimed at the outsourcing service.


In order for our services to be more and more improved, we seek to update and always develop working methodologies together with the use of technological tools to always offer the best to our customers.


To ensure that the service is done in the best possible way, we rely only on highly qualified professionals with experience in big companies of the field. The know-how of each partner is also in the optimized care package.


Quality solutions submitted on time. This is one of Partnership Kreston’s priorities. We care to serve well, but we always pay attention to the deadlines of each project.


Before starting any service, we at Partnership Kreston, try to understand the customer and what are their real needs. And this is done through a study that leads later to a plan of action strategy.


Much more than just providing services, our focus is on monitoring and assisting our customers in the search of growth.



Learn more about the benefits of hiring outsourcing services from Partnership Kreston.

Outsourcing is a reality present in many small, medium and large companies, because the advantages are considerably higher than maintaining a professional exclusively for this function.  From the number of tasks that a company needs to perform to the costs of labor expenses. These are some reasons that lead companies to outsource their accounting obligations. See other advantages of opting for an outsourced company for these activities:

Reduced costs with outsourcing

Keep focus on business

Professional updated with changes in accounting rules

Professionals with experience and breadth

We are committed with providing the highest quality service. Therefore, for the outsourcing of services, we count with professionals qualified in all areas to carry out every needed task in the designated time.

Each and every service offered by Partnership Kreston is customized to the demands and needs of each of our clients. For the outsourcing of services, each professional will be allocated according to their specialization, so that the work can be developed in the best way possible.

Focus on the Customer

With Audit, Consulting or Outsourcing services, our focus is to optimize processes and reduce errors so our customers continue to thrive.

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Our focus is to optimize processes so that our customers can continue to thrive.