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We continually seek new talents, new ideas and experiences that can fuel our organization, also people who honor teamwork. If you have no experience in auditing or consulting, this is not a problem. We have a natural vocation for the training activity. In fact, training and developing people is also our business. Show us your talent and quickly we will make you a professional with know-how and experience recognized by the market. If you already have experience in our areas of activity, we will have the best interest to know you and have you as a partner.

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We believe that our employees need to be heard. We take this philosophy forward through different programs. At Partnership Kreston, you have the opportunity to learn and grow, Enriching yours and our history!

We work with our employees and encourage them to grow and learn more, taking this knowledge not only within the company, but throughout life.

Our way of working makes all the difference in our business and that is why we encourage our employees to get involved with the culture, to enhance their skills and to highlight their strengths. Within Partnership Kreston we have customized performance management in which each employee receives constant feedback and leads his or her own career growth.

We invest in improving the technical, operational and behavioral skills of our employees. We offer specific training to form new consultants, to improve the current ones and to enhance the behavioral skills and the technical qualification of employees in operational positions.

We understand that the diversity of ideas, beliefs, genders and ethnicities is fundamental to our business, to a good work environment and to the development of activities. That is why we developed actions of respect and appreciation of diversity, as actions against discrimination.

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With Audit, Consulting or Outsourcing services, our focus is to optimize processes and reduce errors so our customers continue to thrive.

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